Magento 2.2

Magento 2.2

Magento 2.2 has reached another important milestone thanks to many hours of testing and your great input. With the updated version of Magento 2.2 release, nearly all major issues have been addressed and the code is now stable and ready for you to start submitting your extensions to the Marketplace. We’re also interested in your feedback, so please continue to submit any issues you discover over the next few weeks.

As next steps, we encourage you to:

  • Review Magento 2.2 release information. The Magento 2.2 Quick Start Site includes release notes, documentation, a list of backward incompatible changes, and much more to help you prepare for the release.
  • Download updated version of the software. Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) software is available to all developers on GitHub. The solution, Technology, and Hosting Partners can access the Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition) software in a private repository by signing an online agreement and providing GitHub account information. See our previous Forum post for more information on this process.
  • Test Release. Please continue to test this latest version and submit any issues via GitHub by August 21, 2017. Issues submitted after that date will most likely be resolved after the GA release. Please note that technical support is not available for pre-release software. Developers may start customer builds on pre-release code, if upgrades to GA are planned/completed prior to your site go live.
  • Test and submit your Marketplace extensions. Starting today, we encourage you to submit extensions that have been tested with the new version. To list your extension in the Marketplace in time for GA, we recommend that you limit your updates to the composer.json and module.xml files. This will allow your extension to go through an expedited review process. See our recent blog post on Updating Extensions and Themes for Magento 2.2 for more information on the process.


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