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Admin Panel

URLs were found that can be used to log into the backend:

A public admin login is vulnerable to exploits (like Shoplift) and brute force attacks. Rename these paths to something unguessable, use IP protection, and/or use two-factor authentication.


A URL was found that looks like it could be a log file:

Log files can contain information about your server, your passwords, and customer’s information. These should not be public on the internet.

Security Patches

Not patched with SUPEE-7405.

Version Control

Exposed version control system:

An exposed version control system contains the source code to your application. This sensitive information should not be available to the public.

Development Files

Development files:

Development files may contain sensitive information or let attackers modify data in unexpected ways. They do not belong on a production environment.

Configuration Files

No exposed configuration files were found.

ReviewedJuly 1, 2017
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