Magento is considered an industry leader in e-commerce solutions industries and here are some reasons why.


1) Popularity

Magento is currently dominating the e-commerce platform market as observed in a recent Alexa study. Up to 1 million sites, which make up about 23%, make use of Magento.  A steady increase was observed over a period of time and we can conclude from the report that the figures will only keep rising. Below is a chat to show the e-commerce market share as at October 2012.




2) Features

You can rival just about any other online store even if you are just beginning thanks to Magento. Irrespective of the feature you might need for your site, it will either come with the box or a third party developer must have created it and offered it for free or extremely cheap rates. However, if you feel there is none that suits your needs completely, you can reach out to companies like Christopher Queen Consulting to help you with all what you need.


3) Aesthetics

Magento isn’t just impressive in functionality; it has amazingly outstanding branding, which is capable of attracting clients with its slick and beautiful appearance.


 4) Timing

There has never been a better time to start using Magento. Since its creation, only a few developers used it and only a few developers were even skilled enough to use it. Today, it has been simplified more than ever and there is tutorial everywhere guiding newbies every step of the way.


5) Built for E-commerce

The needs of e-commerce site was a major priority in the minds of Magento developers and that is why there is no better platform with the amount of business essential features as Magento.


6) Shopping Cart Option

When it comes to e-commerce sites, the shopping cart is one of the most important features. With Magento, there is no need to hire the services of a third party shopping cart company. The shopping cart feature comes inbuilt with the Magento box.


7)  Make Multi-store Management

Prior to Magento, online store owners could only dream of a platform that will be able to manage multiple stores. Today, they can manage multiple stores, even from one admin panel. More so, a Magento store can be built such that it enables one select a different product catalog.


8)  Flexibility

Irrespective of the size of your web development project, Magento can help build customized solutions that can be synchronized to your website. To pull this off, you have to make sure you pick the right Magento Support for your business.


9)  Optimized For Search Engines

Magento comes with its inbuilt SEO features. Any site powered by Magento is capable of handling high traffic, duplicate content, page indexing and so on.


10) Open Source

Magento is an Open source, notwithstanding the fact that it is free. This means you can readily modify the code to meet your requirements and this is one of the major advantages Magento has over other eCommerce platforms.


11) Community

Magento has a community of dedicated, passionate developers, and users and this community keep expanding by the day. The community is one where users help each other mostly, bearing in mind that the Magento CE is an unpaid platform.


12)  It is Mobile-Friendly

The internet world of today has gone almost completely mobile and as such, your e-commerce website should be able to accommodate these changes. Your site has to be mobile friendly and thanks to Magento, you do not have to worry at all. The Magento CE comes in a mobile friendly manner to ensure all your needs are met.


13) Offers a lot of useful Add-ons

With Magento, there are tonnes of add-ons available for every installation you make. There are add-ons, marketing tools and templates to make your Magento experience amazing.


14) Google Service Compatible

The platform is compatible with Google services such as the Google Checkout, Google Analytics, etc. with these tools; you can easily monitor the growth, traffic, and effectiveness of your site.


15) Provide Detailed Reports on Website Performance

Compared to other platforms, Magento can help administer e-commerce websites without stress. This is because the admin can easily and readily assess the performance of their website with Magento.


Join the Party!

I have been working with Magento for over 4 years and I believe I have seen enough to say it’s the best platform out there. It may be a little challenging at first, but if mastered, will make your work hassle-free. Don’t take my word for it, go try it out yourself.


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