3 Major Reasons To Upgrade To Magento 2.0


In the year 2015, Magento 2 was officially launched on the basis of a promise that it was a better and more advanced model of the Magnetic 1 platform. With Magento 2, Users experience a better, quicker and more convenient shopping experience. Magento 1 will still continue to function and backed with security measures till November 2018, but no new features will be added. What this means is that when you are making important switches in your Magento store, switching to Magento2 should be part of the changes you will make. In this write-up, we will list some important features of Magento 2 that you can benefit from as soon as you upgrade to it. This promises to be a good choice for the price you pay for it.

The main purpose of the Magento 2 design is to improve performance. While using Magento 2, the page loads are 30-50% faster. Research also proves that Magento 2 can take almost 39% additional orders in an hour with 66% faster add to cart time than Magento 1 with its own hosting setup delivering almost immediate server response times for catalog browsing. Also, you experience fast performance that boosts user interaction on your web page, increased number of products added to your page’s cart and more sales with little or no abandoned carts.

After switching to Magento 2 with varnish, Shopville had an increase of 25% in page views and an increase of 9.5% in revenue. Amongst the good attributes of Magento 2 is its ability to handle high traffic. In an hour, Magento 2 can handle 10 million page views, whereas Magento 1 can only handle 200,000 views thereabout. Magento 2 CE can manage 50,000 orders per hour while Magento 2 EE can handle 90,000 within the same period at checkout.

How does Magento 2 manage to give a performance improvement and server load reduction? Discussed below are some of Magento 2’s performance boosters:

  • AJAX CART: Out of the box and without the installation of a module, Magento now has an Ajax cart. With the use of javascript, Ajax carts add items to the shopper’s cart without the need to reload the whole page. This reduces the load on your hosting hardware and leads to a better shopping experience for your user’s.
  • CACHE: The caching systems store mostly access page element to give your user’s a faster experience. Magento 2’s caching system is much more advanced and now has native support for caching technologies like varnish(a well-known HTTP accelerator).
  • PHP 7: The programming language that Magento is designed with is known as PHP. Magento  2 is modified for PHP 7, this gives ultimate performance compared to the old versions of PHP.


Magento 2 has new features and uses, the Enterprise edition especially. These features enable you to spread with ease the demand on your hosting infrastructure over different servers and by so doing managing large traffic inflow.


Are you busy and your time is really important? Magento 2 has a number of changes included in it to make your site administration job more easier and efficient.

IMPROVED PRODUCT CREATION: The newly added step by step product creation tools enables you to add products to your store quickly and correctly. This feature makes product adding 4 times faster when you use Magento 2.


IMPROVER DATA VIEW AND FILTERING: Added to the administration of Magento 2 by the Magento brand is a very large data grid view. This grid enables you to customize features using a grid view(for example, a product list) without involving a developer. Each user can personalize their data views according to the personal needs. This brings about a clean, non-muddled up platform and ensures that you have a view of the information that has to be seen. Also, Magento has included the means to filter data quickly depending on the features that you have allowed in your data view.


The admin platform is neater and not clumsy. The menus are properly arranged in such a way that it is much easier to locate a page and function. These advanced Changes have led to a reduced learning curve and faster results for the admins.


Magento 1 was designed in such a way that only one admin user can use product data at a given time. This can be very stressful for bigger sites that may have more than one administrator. Magento 2 has included safer measures for product data that enables more than one administrator to work on product data at the same time thereby making your team fiction well and enabling you to conveniently update your store’s products.


Magento 2 now supports uploading video from Vimeo or YouTube. This process is now simpler. This gives you a better chance to advertise your products very well. Magento has made giant steps in terms of boosting customer experience and reducing shopping issues that cause abandoned carts on mobile gadgets especially.

These changes make the shopping experience easier for your clients and also lead to greater sales for your store. Some of the improvements are discussed below:

– IMPROVED PRODUCT CREATION: The newly added step by step product creation tools enables you to add products to your store quickly and correctly. This feature makes product adding 4 times faster while using Magento 2.

– IMPROVED CHECKOUT: In comparison to Magento, the check out procedure has become easier and simpler. In order to have a higher conversion rate and for users to make maximum use of your page, it is important to make the checkout process very easy because customers cannot withstand many issues. This has been taken care of in Magento 2.

Also,  Magento made registration easy by enabling users to create an account after they have ordered instead of doing that during the checkout process. So now, check out process entails order information on each step to ease the whole affair for your customers.

Reduced complicated choices(e.g registering for an account) and fewer forms indicate a noticeable increase in conversion as customers concentrate on what is important which is completing the check out process. e


– IMPROVED PAYPAL INTEGRATION: There has been an improvement in Magento 2’s alliance with PayPal. Useless information like billing address is no longer required because PayPal takes care of that.

– ORDER SUMMARY PHOTOS: Magento 2 has now added product photos in its order summary. This has reduced ordering mistakes which lessened sales and has also boosted buyer confidence leading to higher conversions.

– IMPROVED SEARCH: Magento 20 now has the necessary search changes to enable users to find what they want quickly and efficiently. The original search engine has been changed to Elastic search for Enterprise edition. Customizing and configuration of elastic search has been made a lot easier and faster leading to an improved search result and reduced development costs.

– MOBILE BROWSING ENHANCEMENTS: Half of the transactions done online are now on mobile gadgets. Magento 2 makes use of the various improvements discussed above to improve mobile user experience. Because browsing is more complex and slower on mobile devices, a lot of users depend on search. The improvement in search capabilities of Magento enables your users to benefit greatly.

Combining that with a more organized mobile friendly checkout process and a faster performance will lead to an increase in conversion rates for your mobile users.

Switching from Magento 1 to 2 is a complex process, unlike Magento 1 upgrades which are usually very straightforward. Because Magento 2 is an entirely different platform, businesses will need a serious level of commitment to the planning and implementation of the migration process. Magento has created a data export/import tool to help with moving data from Magento 1 to Magento 2, however, there are some things to consider:

  • You need to ensure that your server has the required criterion for Magento 2 and you might have to switch to an upgraded server.
  • Your web developers have to ensure that all third-party extensions configured on your site are compatible with the Magento 2 versions.
  • Your site’s background(s) will have to be redesigned from the scratch because Magento 2 has an entirely different structure from Magento 1.
  • Migration of data between the two platforms will be more difficult if any core table was tampered with when Magento 1 was installed. Your migration process will be much more determined by the amount of customizing done on your Magento 1 platform. Custom modules will have to be well modified but Magento 2 versions of the majority of the third party extensions are available or will be available later.


All businesses presently using Magento 1 will gain from switching to Magento 2 because the new functions and performance improvements in the Enterprise and community versions make the migration worth it.

The Improvements discussed above allows conversion and revenue increase when you upgrade to Magento 2. Shopzilla’s experience is worthy of mention here: 9.5% increase in revenue and 25% increase in page views. For many businesses, an increase of this rate will quickly gather the investment in moving to the new, future platform.

Changing customer trends will make migration more vital in years to come as we witness more use of the internet through mobile gadgets, e-commerce pages have to be able to give the users what they want.

The fast response of Magento 2, it’s HTML 5 front end of the newly organized checkout process meets up with those needs and can increase your business effectiveness on mobile gadgets that can only be managed with the present Magento platform.

After 2018, Magento 1 will be out of use. So your business investment on this old platform will not last long.


Switching to the new Magento 2 platform can be a difficult task. But after all, Magento is supporting the revenue stream and online presence of your whole business. The whole of your business is at risk of your e-commerce platform disappoints you.

If you are considering using Magento 1 for the main time, it is okay because it will enable you to talk to your Magento solution partners on the best way to manage your future online business and formulate a long migration plan.

For more than 16 years, we have been developing e-commerce web pages. We are a professional Magento solution provider. We are well-trained staffs that can make your migration to Magento 2 very simple. We would be excited to talk about your interest in Magento 2.

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