There are several capabilities which Magento Commerce (previously called Magento Enterprise) exclusively provide, especially when compared to Magento Open Source (previously called Magento Community) which is accessed for free. Due to the numerous potential Magento Commerce provides its users. There is little wonder why Magento Commerce should not be paid for. Magento Commerce(formerly called Magento Enterprise) provides an outstanding impact on the revenue of your online business. I have mentioned some advantages which are highlighted below.


Merchandising,Targeted Promotions & Customer Segmentation

The best way to efficiently create repeat purchases, encourage customer loyalty and drive sales is through Personalization. These are some benefits Magento Commerce offer. A study report from Monetate shows that there was a 20% increase in e-commerce sales caused by personalization. Another report from venture beats shows that personalization drove a 40% increase in return visits. There are several e-commerce software that are directed towards making personalization easier that can be easily accessed, but personalizing the on-site experience can easily be done using the features that come with your e-commerce platform.

Generating reports on customer segments can be easily done with Magento Commerce version because it creates a promotional roadmap based on high-value segments. Although you can manually create customer groups with the Magento Open Source which is usually for free, for you to automatically create customer segments, Magento Commerce is what you will need. Magento Commerce is able to dynamically create these segments for personalization based on order history, custom customer attributes, customers address, and shopping cart contents. Thereby allowing you display promotions and content to customer segments.


Automatically linked related products up-sells and cross-sells

An average order value can be drastically improved through upsells and cross-sells. Magento Commerce also allows users create rules that automatically connect any number of upsells and cross-sells to a product manually. Rule-based linking is much more effective and this feature offered by Magento Commerce also positively affects your revenue in your e-commerce platform numerous ways. The process of selecting and finding products can be tedious, more so if your Magento stores have many SKUs. The feature of automatically linked products saves time and labor. Another amazing feature of the Magento Commerce is that new products can be uploaded faster and new ones can be manually added later. This feature allows you to sell new products with upsells, so you can start selling at an earlier time. With Magento Commerce, there is no lost opportunity. It offers another great feature of automatically replacing a product you have stopped selling a new product.


Visual Merchandiser

Magento Commerce allows you to tailor different categories of products that fit specific conditions and/or rules. Then manually sorting them by dragging and dropping products into the appropriate place depending on several attributes such as SKU, sale, stock, price, color, newest, price and name. What your customers see is reflected with the aid of this tool. Their needs are matched with an e-commerce experience you designed and this can be done with this tool. Since their e-commerce experience is designed to match their needs. With the Magento Commerce, customers can be able to see more relevant content with a marketing feature known as customer segmenting; it is another marketing feature that this tool offers.  The time saved by sorting can be used to drive sales and provide customer support, which are among the features this tool offer.


Content Scheduling and Preview

Magento Commerce allows your team to focus their attention on increasing revenue and customer support. It is common knowledge that the bandwidth of E-commerce employee contracts and expands especially for many online retailers. With Magento Commerce, you can preview updates to products, verify, categorize, schedule, promotions, content, and manage which is a useful feature during the holidays or times when there are not enough employees supporting the site. You can preview a change to make sure it looks correct before it goes live on your Magento store so no more late night checks of scheduled changes. You can also coordinate multiple campaigns on the timeline dashboard. This feature allows you to have maximum coverage.


Multiple Wishlists or Reward Points

A report from shows that there was a 27% gain an average year sales on their loyalty program, 40% increase in customer lifetime value and repeat purchases of their clients increased by an average of20%. Some extensions are great but your Magento platform is more powerful, in the sense that it integrates reward points into users overall e-commerce marketing program. Any good loyalty program is backed up by reward points, they are crucial to any successful loyalty program.


Gift Registry

Wedding gifts represent a $19 billion market, this is according to Register.

According to a survey by XO group, they reveal that“kitchen appliances and bakeware are the most popular items on a registry with the average worth $5,158, meanwhile 42% valued at above the $5,000 mark”. It is time to get a slice of the pie, especially if your products are a fit for newlyweds. You can create customized gift registries for your customers using the Magento’s gift registry


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The possibilities of growing your e-commerce business are limitless when you choose Magento Commerce as your Magento platform. Kindly contact us, if you want to get a demo of Magento Commerce or to learn more about working with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Magento Commerce provides a solid platform with the ability to raise your e-commerce revenue. Commitment towards growing your business is an essential attribute to being a Christopher Queen Consulting client.



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