Why Christopher Queen Consulting

Learn Before You Burn

Discover the exact steps, resources, and timeline your project will take before you spend any of your budget

Too Equipped To Quit

Gain access to our industry experts for every aspect of your project.

Win With A Grin

We work behind the scenes to make you look good. It’s hard not to smile knowing your success was guaranteed.

Christopher Queen’s work has impressed me on multiple levels. Working with large development firms in the past, none of them gave me a feeling of intimacy and understanding when it came to my project — I felt like I was just another “To do” on their list. This led me to Christopher, where right from the start it was his goal to get inside my head and understand my requirements and how they would be achieved. After a few back-and-forth discussions, Christopher went to work, only to come back with a brilliant set of plans, resources, and got the job done right the first time. I was happy that he was able to wrap himself around, and understand my need for a feature rich, efficient, and professional development. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you, Christopher.

David Sievers - CEO - Agile Marketing Strategies, LLC

What Makes Our Company Different?

We understand the struggles of implementing anew technology. We've heard plenty of horror stories of companies spending thousands of dollars in preparation for a project and it often fails or even worse never even gets started. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec et leo tempus metus malesuada scelerisque. Donec ornare suscipit congue. Sed vel orci ac enim facilisis varius non non tortor. Nullam posuere lobortis justo vel ullamcorper. Nam vel dolor arcu. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nulla placerat efficitur bibendum. Integer nec dui eget magna vestibulum euismod in eget est. Donec iaculis mi purus. Morbi vitae neque sed ligula scelerisque tincidunt. Duis vehicula sagittis nunc, ac consequat metus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Ut egestas, eros ac suscipit porta, nisl orci blandit risus, euismod tempus risus mi a velit. Praesent in metus ac mi faucibus scelerisque. Fusce venenatis...

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How To Start?


Schedule A Free Consultation

I will get to know you: your project goals, strengths, challenges, and needs; and then help you determine if you’re ready to take next steps.


Construct A Custom Plan

Together we’ll identify all the resources you will need, how to obtain them, best action items to follow, pitfalls to avoid while adhering to the best timeline and your budget.


Guidance Throughout The Implementation

I’ll be with you – staying on top of all requirements, keeping stakeholders informed of progress, providing vital information to developers, helping you navigate your project to production.

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What's At Stake?


complete 100% of their projects successfully

IT Projects

fail so badly they threaten the companies existence.

Project Managers

cited budget overrun as reason for project failure.

IT Professionals

reported their business was not aligned with project goals.