Selecting the Right Magento Implementation Partner

The competition in the digital merchant industry is massive and it is not easy staying afloat not to mention leading the pack. There is a rapid and consistent change in the market and it gets harder to acquire and retain clients. The complexities involved can be handled by an efficient partner or support system to help you stay ahead.

Deciding to get an implementation partner is one thing, selecting the right one for your business is another thing. It is important that this decision is taken right; else you may find your business suffering because of this. It is like this; assume you are planning to build a home. You are the homeowner, but the partner, your partner will act as a contractor; that’s likening a home project to your business. I believe this picture paints just how important the Contractor/partner is. Their importance cannot be overemphasized. Their role is to assist you in navigating tools, services, evaluating vendors that come around your business and their position is next to you in the decision tree. Because of the importance of the position they hold, it is better to get one you can trust to represent your interest to the fullest.

When selecting a partner, the price might be an important factor to consider but it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. What then are the other important criteria for evaluating and selecting a candidate? Below are some important questions to ask when selecting one:


Without ever having worked with someone before, how do I know they are trustworthy?
You might be wondering how you can trust someone you haven’t met before not to mention work with. You believe trust has to be earned, right? And the person you are evaluating is someone who has never had the opportunity to earn your trust. The best way you can go about this is to check references and when doing so, ask questions like “did they have your back?” there is a level of thought that the question yields as well as an insight that may be a crucial indicator of trustworthiness. From your discussions with the prospective partner, pay attention to the things they say. From your conversation, you should be able to ascertain to a reasonable extent if they will keep your interests at heart.


How do I know if they are the right fit for the type of house I want to build?
You may want a specialist in a log cabin to build your mansion, however, the fact that they are technically classified as a house doesn’t mean you should hire just any home builder to take up the project. Getting professionals with the right experience helps the decision making the process a great deal. You can look at the past projects handled by the prospective partner which is related to just what you want. You also have to study the type of questions they ask. Are they asking genuinely related questions that you probably haven’t thought of? That may be a sign of experience. Based on their experience, can they talk about the possible hurdles or difficulties that might be witnessed further down the line?


Am I comfortable with the communication?
Just like almost any other thing that has to do with complex software implementation project, you will observe some difficulties. Expect it; be ready for it. Solid communication remains the best-known approach to effective surmount these hurdles and this process are categorized into 2 and they are:

  1. Study how the candidates or prospective partners are communicating with you during the selection process. Do you think they will be true to the project? Do they sound like they will always make it a priority to give you any news, even if it is what you may not want to hear? Do you understand their communication style and is it something you can relate with? Are you going to be getting clear and actionable information?
  2. Ensure you ask them to categorically state the communication protocol that will be adopted for the duration of the project. This included parties involved, method, frequency and so on. From what they say, do you think you can work with their suggested protocol? Do they meet your expectations?


The decision and process of selecting an implementation partner is very important because, in the end, the success or failure of your implementation project lies a great deal on them. Before you start the process of selecting one, be sure you are ready to scrutinize a few before selecting one and the only way to properly carry this out is to be fully armed with the right criteria before you even begin.


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