Top Reasons Magento Should Be Your eCommerce Platform

Do you constantly record losses on your e-commerce business and for this, you are beginning to consider calling it quits? There is massive competition in the online business scene and if you are a startup or small business, you will find the odds are against you. The competition from the bigger businesses always makes it very difficult for you to break even however, this doesn’t mean you cannot succeed. It only means it is a little difficult and as such, you need to put in that little extra to be able to make a name for your brand.

There are many factors to be considered if you find yourself or your business in this position. One of the more important ones would be the e-commerce platform you are using for your site and surprisingly, this is one of the factors considered last for reasons I don’t seem to understand. When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Magento is hands down the best e-commerce platform there is and I have taken the time to highlight some of the reasons why there is barely any other e-commerce platform that can compete with it.


  1. SEO friendly

Very few software are SEO friendly from the box and Magento is one of them. It is designed in a way that search engines can easily sift through your website content, thus making it a lot more visible. The fact is that most buyers believe that the credibility of an online store is somehow related to its visibility and that the best online stores rank better. You can use this to your advantage. You can make your online store more visible and in the process, increase traffic and sales at the same time.


  1. Great shopping experience for your customers

With Magento, your site visitors are guaranteed the best experience. Magento has highly extensive and flexible features that enable your clients to navigate your site and place orders easily. Magento has over 50 payment gateways already built in with the box which means your customers will almost certainly find a payment gateway they are familiar with and can trust. Magento also allows clients leave reviews easily so other clients can see just how wonderful their experience was.

It is also extremely easy to check out on a Magento powered site. It makes use of a 1-page checkout platform which means your client just has to input his or her payment details and their shipping address and the whole order process is completed. There is no need for a client to be put through the long and tedious process of opening accounts and filling out different forms. When your clients have to shop on the go, there is also a provision for Magento to make use of cookies to switch between browsers and devices. With this, you are guaranteed to offer your customers the best service while receiving the best services yourself.


  1. Efficient reporting service

As an online store owner, you do not want your customers to experience problems at all on your site and it becomes worse if they have complained and you don’t know about it. With Magento, you get an effective report of what is going on on your site. It offers a live report of the items that your customers are asking for, the items out of stock, and if you need to respond or react to any reviews, Magento keeps you in the know.

You will also have the capacity to monitor new market entries and generate RRS feed which you and your clients can have access to so as to stay aware of all the happenings. You can also have your customers subscribe to your newsletter service and Magento can help you share these newsletters with your customers.


  1. Easy addition of components

As the site admin, Magento enables you to easily add external plugins and add-ons, as well as having the opportunity to change the site at any time you deem it fit.

Magento has assisted so many website owners in discovering the next level and making a serious career breakthrough. Do not be left behind.

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